Shangyun (Guangzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghang Group. It has gained deep trust in the process of providing basic services to a wide range of customer groups (social, entertainment, education, etc.) in the IDC industry for many years. A mature independent cloud business company incubated from trial to in-depth development and running-in.

Sunhang Converged Cloud Platform is an online multi-cloud resource management platform that can help enterprises build cloud environments and achieve unified management of heterogeneous resource pools and mainstream public clouds at home and abroad.

  • Self-service


  • Multi-cloud Platform Compatibility

    Multi-cloud Platform Compatibility

  • Multi-cloud Unified Management

    Multi-cloud Unified Management

  • Unified Monitoring Across Platforms

    Unified Monitoring Across Platforms

  • Role Authority Management Security And Authentication

    Role Authority Management Security And Authentication

  • Operational Analysis

    Operational Analysis

  • Transportation Cost Optimization

    Transportation Cost Optimization

  • Automated Operation And Maintenance

    Automated Operation And Maintenance