Shangyun provides consulting and architecture design for the new construction of enterprise applications and migration to AWS architecture. It helps enterprises to change the architecture and challenges brought by the migration to the cloud environment, and helps enterprise users to make better use of cloud computing. Features, including how to take advantage of the high availability and flexibility of public cloud, and enable enterprise users to enjoy the flexibility of public cloud. Our service framework enables enterprises to make the road to public cloud more stable and convenient, from formulating cloud strategies in the early stage, to planning cloud architecture routes and implementation steps, to implementing professional deployment services step by step in the mid-term, and rationally optimizing public cloud. The combination of applications, professional operation and maintenance services, and continuous optimization of the architecture and cost of the AWS environment.

About AWS

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) It is the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform in the world, providing more than 175 full-featured services from global data centers. Millions of customers, including the fastest-growing startups, the largest enterprises, and major government agencies, are using AWS to reduce costs, increase agility, and accelerate innovation. AWS has the most features, the largest community of customers and partners, the highest security, the fastest innovation speed, and the most mature operational expertise. It has been trusted by millions of customers and established the AWS cloud The leading position in the computing field has become the best choice for customers to go to the cloud.


  • AWS Billing Service

    The AWS resource services used by customers are distributed and settled by Shangyun. Ensure that AWS resource services are of the same quality and price, and enjoy free additional services such as exclusive account managers, technical specialists and 7*24 technical support provided by Shangyun.

  • AWS Cloud Migration Service

    Combining business requirements and application architecture, design well-structured, cost-effective cloud resources and deployment solutions for customers, and be responsible for or assist customers in completing cloud environment construction, application deployment, system integration, and data migration. Provide cloud native application design advice, guidance or training.

  • AWS Cloud Operation And Maintenance Services

    Help customers establish and improve DevOps systems and tools such as continuous application integration, release, and automatic deployment of cloud resources, deploy and implement MSP systems and tools such as network, security, and monitoring in the cloud, and realize the integrated operation and maintenance of applications and cloud resources.

  • AWS Architecture Optimization Service

    By analyzing and adjusting cloud resource portfolio, capacity configuration, procurement mode, deployment architecture and application architecture, optimize in terms of cost, performance, availability, security, scalability, etc., while improving the security and reliability of the system, significantly reducing the cost of cloud use .

  • Cloud Native Application Development Service

    Help customers plan, develop, and operate stateless, serverless cloud native application systems, make full use of cloud resources and architectural advantages, and build new applications that are low-cost, highly available, disaster-tolerant, distributed, and scalable.

  • AWS DevOps Service

    Help customers build a DevOps culture, set up an automated cloud framework, and achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery. Through DevOps technology, help customers improve the efficiency of development and operation and maintenance, reduce risks, focus on business development, and enhance competitiveness.

  • AWS Cloud Pipe Tool.

    Integrate CUR detailed bills across AWS organizations, accounts, regions, and products, split according to customer-defined business units, and form independent bills payable for each department, application or project; amortize the RI prepayment limit on a monthly basis and exclude the impact of Credit deduction, Restore the real cloud cost; analyze RI and cloud resource utilization, integrate the price difference of cloud resources in different regions, types and purchase methods, predict the trend of subsequent cloud resource usage changes, provide cloud resource selection and purchase recommendations, and support one-click Quick operation of purchasing.

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