Sunclouds real-time audio and video experts share with you the global perspective of audio and video how 5G AI new technology can help audio and video

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From September 6th to 7th, the 3rd CTO Leadership Summit CIO Summit was grandly opened in Wuzhen, China. This summit was jointly organized by ITShare, CTOA CTO Leadership Alliance, and FMCG FMCG Industry CIO Alliance.

At the scene of the summit

Summit scene

Guests from all sides gathered in Wuzhen

Discuss together under the background of AI 5G

Open the development engine of intelligent interconnection

CTO Theme Summit

Sunclouds interaction

As a partner and real-time audio and video expert

Invited to attend this conference

Under the global perspective

AI 5G new technology boosts audio and video development

Global perspective, AI, 5G


It is a technology and service-oriented technology company, committed to building a real-time audio and video communication cloud platform covering the world, providing high-quality real-time voice, Products such as real-time video and Lianmai live broadcast have served value customers in different industry segments such as YYLive, Friendship, YY Dating, Link, Biugo, Olla, hago, Singo, etc.

Real-time audio and video experts

Real-time audio and video experts

Real-time audio and video experts

Sunclouds features

Global network

Intelligent HD technology beyond the original painting experience

Low-latency live P2P acceleration technology

Adaptive coding technology based on scene recognition

High-performance H.265 encoding and decoding technology

High performance, bandwidth saving, and clarity:

The video revolution of AI+5G

5G communication has the characteristics of high speed, low latency, and wide connection, which will bring information and communication technology to a whole new level and will bring new opportunities to the video industry. In the 5G era, for ordinary consumers, the most intuitive experience is to greatly increase the download speed. AI technology will also promote the development of audio and video together with 5G communications.

(Image source "China Mobile Internet 2019 Report" released by QuestMobile).

Driven by the wave of new AI+5G technologies, Shangyun will always focus on the development and innovation of new technologies for real-time audio and video; walking with you, we will also set sail for the waves.