Sunclouds real-time audio and video experts work together to build a 5G ecosystem to empower the audio and video industry

PubDate:2021-01-08 Views:946

On September 19th, the 11th Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo, held by China Telecom and Qualcomm, officially opened in Guangzhou.

With the theme of "Hello 5G, Empowering the Future", this conference fully releases the determination and ability of China Telecom and partners across the industry chain to build a 5G ecosystem and empower various industries in the new 5G era.

Sunclouds Real-time Audio and Video Expert

At the 11th Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo "Hello 5G, Empowering the Future", 

Sunclouds shared with the guests the development and innovation of audio and video in the new era of 5G.

At the same time, Sunclouds's characteristics were also displayed at the exhibition:

Real-time transmission network covering the world

Self-developed high-performance H.265 encoding and decoding technology

Adaptive coding technology based on scene recognition

Intelligent HD technology beyond the original painting experience

Low-latency live P2P acceleration technology

End-to-end transparent quality monitoring system

Live audio and video application sharing

The organizers of the exhibition and Sunclouds and other companies demonstrated the use of audio and video sharing. In the context of 5G+AI, audio and video have undergone revolutionary development in the fields of entertainment, social networking, gaming, and education. Shangyun will also spare no effort to promote the development and innovation of audio and video.