Sunclouds real-time audio and video experts won the 2019 CTDC Annual Most Product Innovation Award

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Sunclouds CEO Alice (third from left) took the stage to receive the award

On December 21st, the 3rd CTDC Annual Technology Leaders Awards Ceremony ended in Shanghai. Sunclouds stood out among many outstanding companies and won the "Most Product Innovation Award of 2019" by the organizing committee.

“Most Product Innovation Award of the Year”

As a technology leader in the real-time audio and video industry, Sunclouds has accumulated more than 10 years of technology in real-time audio and video based on the Internet. It leads the industry change with technological innovation, closely links innovation with customer value, provides customers with innovative services and products, and helps customers Enhance competitiveness and achieve success.

Summit scene

Summit scene

Summit interview

Sunclouds CEO Alice was interviewed on site

Alice mentioned in the interview:

The core technical team of Sunclouds comes from YY, Tencent, etc., and has accumulated more than 10 years of Internet-based real-time audio and video technology;

At present, it mainly serves the fields of social entertainment, show live broadcasting, online education, games, finance and online medical care, and provides customers with high-quality real-time voice, real-time video, and mic-link live broadcasting products.

Sunclouds's technical advantages mainly include the following five points:

1. We are committed to building a real-time transmission network covering the world;

2. The team self-developed excellent voice and video engine and high-performance H.265 codec technology;

3. Have mature adaptive coding technology;

4. Industry-leading texture HD technology and low-latency live P2P acceleration technology;

5. We also provide customers with value-added services such as AI (such as content review) and beauty.

Based on the above five advantages, we are committed to providing customers with better solutions.

Summit live interaction

Sunclouds at the booth at the award ceremony

Viewed from the background of the times, a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation in the current global Internet is ready to take off. Real-time audio and video will become a new growth point for social entertainment, show live broadcasts, online education, games, finance, and online healthcare. Provide a powerful development engine; Shangyun audio and video solutions provide high-reliability, low-cost, and easily expandable real-time audio and video communication capabilities for enterprises to easily carry the explosive growth of users and help users shorten the distance between ideas and products.